Welcome! We are a small home-grown company here in Gainesville, Florida specializing in healthy nut butters.

Why purchase from The Better Butter Mill? Read below to learn more:

Many nut butters found in jars or processed in a mill at your local grocery store often contain harmful additives despite being labeled as “natural.” It’s important to note that the word “natural” is not heavily regulated by the FDA and could cover a range of synthetic, man-made substances that easily pass under the radar. Our nut butters are truly 100% natural; free from added sugars, oils, and preservatives; and are diabetic, vegan, and keto friendly.

Because our products are ground fresh in small batches each week (rather than sitting on a store shelf for weeks or months), there is minimal to no oil separation and a product PACKED with a fresh, rich, nutty taste beyond what most have experienced. Old nut butter will lose flavor and become rancid after an extended period of time. Yuck! This is NOT what you want to be consuming.

Please feel free to reach out via our contact page if you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or concerns. We are excited to speak with you, open to new ideas, and interested in exploring new ways we can contribute to a better you!

***Allergy Notice: All of our nut butters are currently processed in the same mill. If you are allergic to any nut used in our products, we highly recommend not consuming any of our products. Your safety & health are of utmost importance to us. ***

Eco-Friendly Packaging:

Our BPA-free plastic jars are filled to the top and then sealed tight with an air-tight induction liner. Saving you money and greatly reducing the possiblity of spoilage!

On the front of each jar is a thermal label printed using heat instead of ink. This allows us to save you money while keeping our enviornmental impact to a minimum!

Thank you for joining us at the Downtown Tallahassee Market!

Your business is very much appreciated!

Attention Tallahassee customers!!!

We have moved our operations to Gainesville, Florida. To continue enjoying our delicious nut butters:

Please visit the Nut Butters page to place an order. If you are local, we are happy to provide local pick-up free of charge. This option is available via our checkout.

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